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Anchored 4 Generations, LLC (A4G, LLC) provides an array of cross-cultural training and international operations to Fortune 500 companies and expatriates, individuals who prepare to work out of their home country.

Mission Statement

Anchored 4 Generations, LLC’s mission is to provide the necessary information needed to work out of the country and prepare individuals to be successfully competitive in a global market. 

Company Goals and Objectives

Anchored 4 Generations, LLC’s goal is to make your expatriate experience a smoother transition.  The company’s objectives are to prepare individuals to be competitive in a global market.

Upcoming events 

Working abroad?  Volunteering abroad?  Know before you go...

Did you know?

In reference to the United States Census Bureau, the 2010 American population was 308.7 million.  In the past decade, the number of issued American passports with the Department of State have doubled to approximately fourteen million.  Whether the passport was issued for military, vacation, or for an “expat”riate, a person who lives in a foreign country, international experience is needed to be competitive in a growing global business market.

Anchored 4 Generations, LLC has international experience and understands the process when moving to the host country while expediting your transition from your home country.

The key advantages which distinguish us from our competitors and provide clients added value are as follows:

  • Location, Location, Location - Our business is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which is convenient to the Department of State, Embassies, and Consulates. This allows a quicker turnover with one point of contact. 
  • Expat”riate experience - With expat experience, A4G, LLC knows what questions to ask and has a global network of current expats that provides valuable information.
  • Schedule - A4G, LLC understands the reality that you may not have several months to prepare for your assignment, you may not even have your work permit yet, not to mention you may still be currently working.  Whatever your situation, our services allow checklists, an International store of items you may need, and is open to expedite any other requests.

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